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Federation for Women and Family Plannings fights for every woman's right to decide whether and when to have children.

We intervene when doctors refuse to prescribe contraceptives or refer women for prenatal screening or legal abortions. We teach adolescents how to start their sexual life safely.

Every year we support over two thousand women in their quest for justice.

In 1991, the Federation was established by five organizations (the Pro Femina Association, the Polish Feminist Association, the League of Polish Women, Neutrum, and The Society for Family Development) in order to defend women's right to choose. At present, the Federation consists of nine member organizations:

"Pro Femina" Association
NEUTRUM - Association for Ideologically-Free State
Polish YWCA - Young Women Christian Association

President of the Board - Małgorzata Księżopolska

Executive Director - Krystyna Kacpura

The Federation does not have individual membership. Polish law allows either individual or organization membership, not both. Formally, the Federation is an association of associations. However, the Federation has approximately 4,000 informal supporters throughout the country. These supporters receive Federation bulletins, participate in advocacy actions, and also contact us to propose actions that should be taken. All suggestions coming from our supporters and clients are carefully considered in the decision-making process.

The Federation for Women and Family Planning received Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations in 1999.

The Federation acts for:

  • gender equality by defending women's and girl's reproductive rights which include:
  1. access to family planning information and services,
  2. reliable and comprehensive sex education
  3. access to high quality prenatal diagnosis,
  4. right to legal and safe abortion.
  • high quality, gender-sensitive women's reproductive health services aimed at fulfilling specific health needs of women (e.g. legal abortion, contraceptives, ART),
  • observance of women's rights as health services users (right to dignity, information, privacy, informed consent, confidentiality).

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