The statement of the Federation for UN Human Rights Committee

Today on 118 th session of the UN Human Rights Committe Federation for Women and Family Planning provided a statement  on the realisation of reproductive rights in Poland.

Read Krystyna Kacpura's, director of Federation for Women and Family Planning, statement here.

UPR Report

Check out Universal Periodic Review of Poland prepared by Federation for Women and Family Planning and Sexual Rights Initiatives. 

Polish women went on strike and stopped – for now – proceedings on the anti-abortion bill

On Friday, September 23rd, the Polish Sejm sent to further proceedings draft legislation aiming to introduce a total ban on abortion and criminalize women for terminating pregnancies with up to 5 years of prison. Women and doctors could face prison if convicted of causing what the proposed bill called "death of a conceived child". Moreover doctors would be discouraged from doing prenatal testing, particularly if that carried the risk of miscarriage.

Czytaj więcej: Polish women went on strike and stopped – for now – proceedings on the anti-abortion bill

We’ll never be the same - Krystyna Kacpura on women's protests in The Guardian

They call us Nazis and say that we are no better than Hitler because we think a woman should have be able to choose whether she gives birth to a seriously sick child – but we are used to such comparisons. They say these things about us because they are frightened. The government of Poland did not expect such huge protests against its proposed ban on abortion. In the last week, 7 million women were on strike all over Poland to protest against the draconian law and pushed the government to back down.

Read the whole article here.


Draft bill "Stop Abortion" - rejected in Polish Parliament!!

With 352 votes the Polish Parliament has now officialy DISMISSED the anti-abortion civic bill. 58 MP were in favour of further proceedings, 18 abstained from vote.

Beata Szydło, Polish Prime Minister, announced a future bill that will support all women experiencing so called "difficult pregnancies". She also announced the creation of a programme of support for families raising children with disabilities.

Yesterday the ruling Law and Justice party also announced their readiness to start working on their own bill which will ban abortion in case of fetal damage.